Saturday, October 13, 2012

Information On Federal Loans And Grants

Believe it or not, Federal loans and grants are offered to municipalities, nonprofit organizations, educational organizations and different other types of organizations that are not meant for personal finances. The federal government does not just scrap up in the taxpayer bucks. It also loans them out to qualified applicants but it is certainly not a way to supplement your income.

Federal loans and federal grants are typically meant for local and state governments, public housing, educational organizations, nonprofit organizations and sometimes small businesses also. However, US residents can apply government loans for education, agricultural, small business, and disaster relief, housing and veteran assistance.

Federal grants are meant to carry out specific purpose, especially public service as certified by law. There are nearly 26 common agencies offering 1000 grant programs in different categories. Most of these grants are designed for educational purposes and can be granted only to certain organizations.

Function of Federal Loans

Federal Loans and grants are addressed for public purposes. Only when federal government feels that economic stimulus in a particular environment is necessary, does it allow grant money to be distributed to certain organizations that help in economic growth. However, the money is not distributed automatically; the organizations have to apply for grants.

Time Frame

Federal loan seeking organizations need to layout how they will be spending the grant money in their application. They also need to outline the time frame in which they will be able to achieve the desired results. A part of application also contains information about the potential of organization.


The primary consideration of federal government is to see whether the grant seeking organization has uprightness of achieving desired results are not. When the grant is awarded, the organization need to show their progress and how they're using the grant money. Organizations also need to keep an accurate record of how the money is being spent.


Federal loans and grants cannot be used for acquiring services or property even if it is for federal government's benefit. Agencies dealing with state social services, social security and Medicaid are only working with assistance programs and they should not be misunderstood for federal grant programs.

Benefits of Federal Loans

The main benefit of federal loans is welfare of public causes. At times, specific group of people and organizations also benefit from federal grants but these are essentially defined by legislation and are for welfare of the public cause.

Personal financial assistance is not offered by the federal government to individuals but people can find help with their challenges through state and local government programs and non-profit organizations. Therefore, it would be right to say that federal loans and grants are for everybody's benefits.

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