Monday, October 8, 2012

7 Great Reasons To Use Allied Wallet

Looking for more information About Allied Wallet? Here are 8 Great reason to use
Allied Wallet as your credit card processing solution.

1. Free Sign Up!
Unlike most other payment processors Allied Wallet does not charge any sign up fees.

2. You Don't Need a Merchant Account
For a very nominal fee you will be able to easily and securely accept credit cards from you website through Allied Wallet.

3. Handle Both Intangible and Tangible Products
You can sell nearly any type of good or service you wish! Allied Wallet has very few limitations on the types of items you can sell with their solution.

4. Ewallet
You can accept and send fund through an ewallet. This enables your consumers to have yet another payment option.

5. Fraud Detection
Allied Wallet uses proprietary fraud scrubbing software to make sure no one is attempting to run fraudulent transactions through you web store. With other 1,000 customizable safeguards, you can find yourself saving thousands of dollars in prevented chargeback's and refunds.

6. Security
Allied Wallet is Level 1 PCI DSS Validated. This means that they abide by the highest security standards that the card brands such as Visa and MasterCard set.

7. Other Advantages
Additionally, Allied Wallet features free on-line support and 24/7 customer support. Allied Wallet also allows for multi-currency transactions which enable customers to buy in their own local currency. This is a huge plus if you are looking to sell your products around the world!

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