Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tips in Selecting a Bankruptcy Attorney

When you suffer from too much debt that you feel you can no longer pay them off and live healthily, you will need to hire a bankruptcy attorney to help you file for bankruptcy. There are laws on bankruptcy which can make you have a fresh start at life after all the debts you have incurred. For you to maximize these laws to your advantage, you need to have a good lawyer who has had experience in bankruptcy cases. Here are the steps in selecting that lawyer.

The best way to get bankruptcy attorneys is through word of mouth from people you trust or another lawyer you know. You can also check the phone directory and look under lawyers at the yellow pages. Check the law firms that offer debt relief. Call the firm and ask questions about their years in service and the number of cases they have handled and won.

You can also look for a bankruptcy lawyer online . You will see many firms available but make sure the ones you visit are reputable and known. Check the firm's reputation through the Better Business Bureau and online testimonials.

After you have chosen a specific lawyer and have gotten positive feedback about him, call his office and ask for a visit. See if the initial consultation is free which most of the time is. Once you are in the lawyer's office, ask him questions about his experience, the other fields in law that his firm specializes in and your options in your case. Inquire if your case would be taken over by a paralegal or an associate or if it would be handled by him personally. Know if he accepts installments in terms of payment.

If you are not contented with the answers he gives, you can call the other lawyers you have in your list and ask for an appointment until you get the appropriate lawyer for you. It is your right to get the lawyer whom you are at ease with and you can immediately trust. You will immediately know during the consultation the one who really cares about your situation and who will provide the personal attention you deserve.

Be reminded that bankruptcy lawyers who charge very minimal may not be the right one to hire. It can be tempting to get his services but this can be an indication that he has very little experience or he may not spend much energy or time on your case. You can also ask around about the standard fee of a good lawyer.

One of the most serious matters in life is bankruptcy, thus it should be taken seriously and handled by a good lawyer. Choosing a lawyer has consequences that you will face and it will also have an effect on your case. There are people who file for bankruptcy without a lawyer but it is advisable not to do all the paperwork yourself because the Code on Bankruptcy is complex and constantly evolving. It will be a bankruptcy attorney who can advise you if you are indeed fit enough to take this course of action and he will also be the one to choose the precise Bankruptcy Chapter applicable to your situation.


  1. The best way to find a good lawyer easily is talking to your neighbors. They are bound to know of a skilled lawyer that has helped them or their extended family before. I think the key to deciding on a lawyer with expertise is the interview itself. This is where they can actually show you how qualified they are for your case.
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  2. I have a small business and I'm worried that we're heading toward bankruptcy. I've tried everything I know how to do but it's just not good enough. Maybe I should talk to a lawyer about this kind of thing. Bankruptcy is not something I've learned about before.