Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Effects Of Mercury In The Houses Of The Astrology Chart

Astrology chart in Vedic astrology comprises of 12 houses and based upon the position of the planets in the specific houses, the astrologer predicts things about the life of native. Let us see the effects of an important planet viz. Mercury in different houses.

Mercury in First House: The native will be smart and attractive in looks. He is happy-go-lucky kind of person having exceptional intelligence and he believes in speaking truth. The person can excel in literary fields.

Mercury in Second House: The person is obedient to his father and he has a very soft physique. The person has excessive hairs of the body and tends to enjoy luxuries in life. If the zodiac is malefic then the person suffers from lack in finance and intellect.

Mercury in Third House: The person is extremely courageous and does any work with the motive of welfare. He might suffer a disease prone childhood and he can also be a source of tension to the family.

Mercury in Fourth House: High positioned mercury in the fourth house then the person might be a womanizer. He is also shameless and has a hyperactive mind. The low-positioned Mercury makes him fatal for his brother.

Mercury in Fifth House: The person has a good wife and has beautiful face. If the mercury and the fifth house, both are malefic then the person will have problems in progeny and he might have to adopt son.

Mercury in Sixth House: Native will be sluggish, always fearful of enemies, and he can trap others in legal cases. If the mercury is with any auspicious planets then the person can single-handedly tackle and defeat his enemies.

Mercury in Seventh House: The person suffers from eye-related diseases and he is extremely swift in action. If it is with any auspicious planet then the person marries in a very high family and enjoys life.

Mercury in Eighth House: The person speaks truth and plays a gracious host to his guests. If the mercury is with any malefic plant(s) then he suffers from weakness and he also suffers from pre-mature death.

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