Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting A $10,000 Car Loan With Bad Credit Is No Longer A Neat Trick

Buying a new car can be a major challenge when the applicant has a low credit rating. Usually, a low rating is a consequence of some poor financial habits of the past, though increasingly honest people have been caught out. But even so, a ,000 car loan with bad credit is possible to get your hands on.

This is because, while low credit scores are troublesome in their own right, once the necessary boxes are ticket there is little chance of the application being rejected. In fact, getting loan approval is practically guaranteed if there is ample income and every step is taken to convince the lender the repayments will be made like clockwork.

Of course, a ,000 car loan is no small matter, and the need to repay the loan is likely to take at least 3 years. That is a lengthy commitment, and as such both sides of the deal need to make some careful calculations before anything should be agreed.

Providing Security

First and foremost, the ability to provide security as part of the deal can come as a major plus, in the eyes of the lender. This is because a ,000 car loan with bad credit carries with it some serious risks. So, the lender wants to be sure they will get their money back should the borrower default.

There are two kinds of security that can be offered to ensure getting loan approval. The first is old-fashioned collateral, which involves family heirlooms, equity and other property being offered in compensation in the event that the borrower can no longer make the repayments. This seems strange given that usually the car is considered the collateral.

The second is the inclusion of a cosigner in the application. This is more desirable in the eyes of the lender because a cosigner guarantees that the monthly repayments are made on time. With a ,000 car loan, the lender always wants the cash, not the collateral.

Terms and Conditions to Consider

Of course, there are some strict criteria applied to large loans that are provided to those with less than perfect credit histories. So, an application for a ,000 car loan with bad credit cannot simply be provided to anyone - they must pass the qualifying standards.

These standards relate to two key areas: firstly, the income of the applicant; and secondly, the interest rate that is charged by the lender. Only by satisfying both of these can the applicant hold out any hope of getting loan approval. For example, the income has to be large enough to cover the expected repayments and handle the usual monthly financial obligations.

The interest rate is influenced very heavily by the credit score that the applicant has. The lower the score, the higher the interest rate charged because the greater the perceived level of risk. And with high interest rates, the higher the monthly repayments - and it this that causes the problems. With a ,000 car loan, repayments can be as high as 0 per month.

Finding a Lender

The best place to go to is online, where there is a wide range of lenders specializing in loans to people with low credit scores. So, when seeking ,000 car loans with bad credit, the lowest interest rates and best terms are generally available there.

However, it is important to check out any lenders that may attract attention. This is because of the risk of scams, so visiting the BBB website is a very good idea. After all, getting loan approval is nothing to celebrate if it leads to a disaster. The risk is not just for the lender, when a ,000 car loan is sought over the Internet the borrower could lose out too.

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