Saturday, April 28, 2012

Simple Guides for Fresh Graduates

Going to college is no easy feat. Great parties and long holidays aside, it is one of the hardest times young people have to go through. During these times, their finances are tested to the limits. They also get to take their first dip into the world of personal loans in the form of student loans. So when graduation comes, students can't help but feel finally relieved to be free from their studies.

But not for long though. As soon as the caps tossed up in the air, the reality of the real world sets in. As graduates, they are now on their own and the responsibilities are much harder than before. In the real world, they have to worry about finding a career, managing expenses, transport,living, savings, the list goes on and on. So here's a quick guide for graduates on how to get started in the real-world.


In finding a job, one must try to stick to his or her field. This is going to be worth it in the long run because it will allow them to move forward in their career. A job that pays higher but is unrelated is surely tempting. However, it can possibly cause dissatisfaction and career stagnation in the future.


With a full time job one must refrain from mindlessly spending all of their pay check. They must learn how to budget and save. If they have student loans, now is the best time to pay them off. Student loans are low rate interest loans so they should be easy to pay off slowly.

New Place

New employment, sometimes requires one to move cities. They can opt to rent with a friend or someone who is looking for the same deal. This will enable them to save on rent money. Another good way of saving is subletting.

In most cases, a landlord would require money-orders or checks as deposits. Therefore opening a bank account (if a person is new to the city) is important. Keeping money in the bank acts as security for any financially independent individual.

New Car

Taking a car loan is a crucial decision. Fresh graduates must be able to afford at least a 20% down payment. This way paying it off from salary becomes easier. Having good insurance for the vehicle is also a must. This should be researched efficiently to get the best insurance deal.

These are only a few but essential things to consider in the real world. However, expenses do not stop there. As ones income increases, so does their financial responsibilities such as taxes, mortgage, health care and so on. Budgeting, saving and careful research is the key. When all three are managed well, they'll support themselves just fine in the world.

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